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Additional Services

Additional Services


Just in case we also repair your sunroom, brands independent.


Permit application

If you want, we are happy to offer you our permit package.

You give us a copy of your house records and we complete all the necessary drawings to apply for the Building Permit for you.



If you need a new deck for your sunroom or if your existing deck is showing its age, we will gladly take over this work.

All from a single source


If you need a railing, we will be happy to assist you here as well. We have a wide range of options.

- wooden railing

- aluminum railing

- glass railing

PanelCraft™ Insulated Panels
glass railing


In addition to the traditional treated wood deckboards, we also offer aluminum decking.


Retractable Screen

Retractable Screen
Retractable door
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