Hybrid Sunrooms

Hybrid Sunrooms Installation Services in Bedford

The Hybrid Sunroom is a very popular choice and combines the 1 3/4″ thick aluminum frame walls from Craft-Bilt with the tempered glass roof from Solarium Optimum. Maintenance-free, all framing is made from strong aluminum that has a durable baked-on enamel finish which provides excellent impact, corrosion and mar resistance. With this worry-free option, you can make enjoying your sunroom the most important part of your experience!

Hybrid Sunroom Options

The Craft-Bilt walls have 5′ high single-glass side-sliding windows complete with screens for plenty of ventilation. You have your choice of 21 1/2″ high solid “kick panels” or tempered glass under the opening windows. Another option is to have solid panel or glass panels in the gable area. The Solarium Optimum tempered glass roof has a light gray tint and optional pleated ceiling blinds. The standard glass width is 35 1/4″ and there are 4″ deep aluminum trusses between each glass panel. The walls come in three colours: white, light beige and dark brown. The glass roof structure comes in two colours: white and dark beige.

Another window that quite a few of our customers have chosen is to have the vertical 4-track stacking windows instead of the single-glass side-sliding windows. These windows have four vertical sliding sashes that move up and down to give you up to 75% ventilation. There is a full black fibreglass screen attached to the outside of the aluminum frame. The four window sashes have vinyl elastomer glazing that is very strong and is so clear you would swear it was glass. These windows can also have a “kick panel” under them or the can go from floor level up to 7′ high.

If sunroom / screen room hybrids sound like the ideal decision for you, then give us a call today to schedule a consultation with our friendly teams.

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