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Durable Deck Covers in Nova Scotia

If you do not want to enclose your deck but would like a roof over it, we have deck and patio covers from both Solarium Optimum and Craft-Bilt.

Solarium Optimum Deck Covers

The Solarium Optimum deck cover has an aluminum frame and comes in two colours – white and beige. The Solarium Optimum roof is a tempered glass roof with a light grey tint.

The roof is supported by 2" x 2" aluminum posts and a 1 3/4" wide x 4" deep aluminum beam.

This roof offers a clear view of the night sky as well as great light transmittance, so as not to darken the interior of your house at all. There is an option for weather-proof pleated ceiling blinds to give you shade on hot summer days.

Craft-Bilt Deck Covers

Craft-Bilt deck covers have two choices for the roof: the PanelCraft roof and the Northlander Skyview polycarbonate roof roof.

The PanelCraft roof has 3" or 4 1/2" thick panels. The adhesive and laminating process is state-of-the-art providing for superior snow load capability. The roof comes in two colours (White & Light Beige) and has a built-in gutter c/w downspout. Skylights are also an option for this roof.

The Northlander Skyview roof is a polycarbonate roof system.  The Northlander Skyview is designed to battle the elements. It is has 4" deep, maintenance-free aluminum trusses @ 24" on centre and polycarbonate glazing. There are (4) glazing options for the polycarbonate roof.  The Silhouette Pearl glazing features outstanding reflective qualities and is 1 1/4″ thick.  The other (3) glazing options are 5/8" thick: Clear, Bronze Tint and Opal Ice.  The glazing panels offer design flexibility for your deck cover. Choose the panel with light transmission properties that best serves your project.  There is no difference in cost for all (4) options.

Both Craft-Bilt roof systems are supported by 3" x 3" aluminum posts and a 3" x 3" aluminum beam.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss which option is best for your deck.

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