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Craft-Bilt Sunrooms


In business since 1992, Craft-Bilt has been creating sunrooms made in Canada and specifically manufactured for our climate. Their products made from high-quality aluminum. As one of the founding members of the Canadian Sunroom Manufacturers Association, Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd. is a trusted source of the kind of quality that we champion at Halifax Seasonal SunroomsHalifax Seasonal Sunrooms Ltd. is a dealer for Craft-Bilt sunroom in Nova Scotia.

Grand Vista Model

Made specifically for your home, a Grand Vista sunroom is shipped in pre-fabricated wall sections that are quickly and easily installed by our team of specialists. The sunrooms have 5’ high side-siding windows complete with screens for plenty of ventilation. These sunrooms have characteristics that are not seen in other sunrooms at a comparable price.

Cathedral & Lean-to Roof Styles

Craft-Bilt offers two roof styles to choose from, with most popular being the Lean-to style. This roof slopes from back to front and needs very little back wall height and slope to be able to be installed (as low as a 1/12 roof pitch). The Cathedral sunroom is a particularly lovely style if you have adequate back wall height or are having the sunroom put on the gable end of the house.

PanelCraft and Northlander Skyview Roof Systems

There are two roof systems to choose from for your Craft-Bilt products. The PanelCraft roof has insulated panels that are 3" or 4 1/2" thick. The adhesive and laminating process is state-of-the-art providing for superior snow load capability. The roof comes in two colours (White or Desert Sand) and has a built-in gutter c/w downspout. Skylights are also an option for this roof.

The Northlander Skyview roof is a translucent, polycarbonate roof system. Northlander Skyview is designed to battle the elements. It is manufactured from maintenance-free aluminum channels and polycarbonate glazing. The Silhouette Pearl glazing features outstanding reflective qualities and is 1 1/4" thick. The Clear, Bronze Tint and Opal Ice glazing panels are 5/8" thick. Together, they offer design flexibility for your sunroom. Choose the panel with light transmission properties that best serve your project.

Custom Made to Fit Your Home

Craft-Bilt Grand Vista rooms feature an exclusive wall design that is optimized for appearance. If you look closely, there are no window frames cluttering the look of your new sunroom, they are built right into the wall!

You have two choices of windows for your Grand Vista sunroom.  The first choice is the 5' high, side-sliding, single-glass windows that have a smooth opening and closing operation. They come complete with screens for up to 50% ventilation.  The windows can be a maximum of 5' wide.


The second choice for your Grand Vista sunroom windows are the vertical 4-track windows.  These windows have 4 sashes that run up and down in a track to give you up to 75% ventilation.  The windows are not glazed with glass but with vinyl elastomer.  The vinyl elastomer is extremely strong and so clear, you would swear it was glass.  There is a full fiberglass screen on the outside of the window.  


Grand Vista sunrooms are made up of custom-built wall components that are typically less than five feet wide.

Options include: 36" wide storm doors or patio doors (5' or 6' wide), three sunroom colours (white, earthstone or desert sand), tempered glass kneewalls, and fixed glass transoms above the windows.

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